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Redefining What it Means to Age

The Beacon Hill Village is an organization created by a group of retirees in Boston in 2002, who were committed to aging independently in their own community.  They wanted to stay in their homes, and help each other with the services and support they would need.  They wanted to stay connected to their neighbors, family, and friends. Their goal  was to create a proactive, community-based approach to aging rather than having to rely on their kids, social services or government agencies for their solutions.  

Determined to design their own lifestyles and create their own futures, and unable to find a model that matched their vision they created one; a grassroots membership organization of seniors supporting each other in aging in place. They coordinated discussions and gatherings, lectures and outings.  Volunteers and members hosted game nights and brunches in their neighborhoods.  They shared their passions and talents with each other.  And when members needed a ride to an appointment, help with groceries, small home repairs or something as simple as companionship during hard times, they called on their peers at the Village. 

In 2010 they created the Village to Village Network, a nonprofit organization that provides communities with the model, tools and resources to build their own Villages.  Today there are hundreds of Villages in the US with more than 80 in development.  


Pasadena Village

Holding on to Urban Independence


"To be interested in the changing seasons is a happier state of mind

than to be hopelessly in love with spring."

George Santayana