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connect.  inspire. support. 

My Glacier Village is a chapter of the Village to Village Network. We are a community of older adults in the Flathead Valley connecting, inspiring and supporting each other to live life on our own terms.  It's a lifestyle.  It's making genuine connections.  It's neighbors helping neighbors. It's staying curious and staying relevant!   We are creating a proactive, community-based approach to aging by connecting with each other and the community through shared interests, education, physical activities and through helping others.

Connect - As we get older our social connections seem to get smaller.  We understand that genuine, long term connections are more successful when people have a shared interest.  We create opportunities for our volunteers and members to share their interests and passions with others by hosting activities and events.  We check in on each other.  Members and volunteers create meaningful relationships.  

Inspire - We provide opportunities to learn through workshops and lectures, and share what others are doing in the community as well on our Events Calendar.  We share art, theater, sports, and more.  And, for Village Members who don't drive, or would like a companion to accompany them, they can simply create a service request and get a ride from an aweseome volunteer!  "Once you stop learning, you start dying."  - Albert Einstein  

Support - And when Members need a little help around the house, a ride to an appointment, meals during an illness, or a friendly visit, they can count on our volunteers, who are often seniors and who sometimes become friends.  


When we are connected, inspired and supported we are healthier, more confident and more independent.