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It's a local nonprofit organization, built for seniors, BY seniors.  It's a passionate network of volunteers, members and supporters who believe we are better together, and we have discovered a new way to age!

We host a variety of education workshops and activities that help us stay active and connected to friends and our community.  And, we provide volunteer services (like rides to appointments, help with groceries and small house projects), that make it easier for us to age in our own homes.

How do we do it? 

We Connect - Our events and activities get people together to share common interests (or spark new ones) such as walking groups, lunches, movies, game days and more.  Our members and volunteers check in on each other to make sure everyone knows they are valued and belong.

We Inspire - We provide opportunities to learn through workshops and lectures.  We've hosted archery lessons, health and wellness lectures, and kayaking & rafting trips, just to name a few.  And, for Village members who don't drive, or would like a companion to accompany them, they can simply create a service request and get a ride from a volunteer! 

We Support - And when members need a little help around the house, a ride to an appointment, meals during an illness, or a friendly visit, they can count on our volunteers, who are mostly seniors, and who often become friends.  

Thank you for visiting our website.  We hope you will become part of this exciting conversation!  Please drop us a note on our Contact Us page and let us know how YOU'd like to be involved in changing the face of aging in the Flathead. 


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